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Spy cameras not that popular with everybody

Spy cameras, especially those planted at city intersection can prove to be quite a threat. Studies in recent years show that there has been an increase in the number of traffic accidents where drivers are slamming their brakes on seeing a camera at the road intersection. This causes drivers who are driving behind them to slam into their cars. The entire purpose behind installing the cameras in the first place is lost and spy cameras at road intersections are leading to unreasonable behavior instead of reasonable behavior. Security cameras and other surveillance accessories play a very vital role in our day-to-day lives where security has become a prime concern. May it be home, office, or any workplace, a proper security system helps establish stability and a sense of protection in that area.

A commissioned study even proved that the traffic police who imposed the spy cameras on road intersections found out that rear end collisions at observed intersections increased by 16 percent. Citizens who are becoming fed-up of this everyday chaos have decided to take matters into their own hands and approached the local traffic authorities to do something about the disruption being caused by the spy cameras. Many drivers are under the impression that spy cameras at every road junction is an invasion of their privacy and the local authorities should give them their peace of mind while driving.

Cases have been reported in Britain where radar cameras where targeted for repeated vandalism. There were reports that showed about 30% spy cameras being wrecked by vandals who wore Tony Blair masks. In Canada a candidate won election because he promised to get rid of the radar cameras in his locality. But what people fail to realize is that security or spy cameras have been installed for the benefit of all the citizens and not for some personal grievance or misjudgment. The entire purpose of installing cameras on road junctions was to get rash drivers and other criminals who commit offences on the road to book by capturing them and their car number on the live camera. This measure was taken completely for the citizen’s safety and not something that would harm them.



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