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Keep a close watch over your home or business from wherever you happen to be. A surveillance camera or surveillance system can help you do just that. Surveillance technology is now more affordable; easier to use, install and maintain; and provides clearer images and more flexibility than ever before. Businesses and homeowners alike use surveillance cameras to keep watch over cash registers, stock rooms, front entrances, employees, children's play areas and outside property with spy technology such as security cameras.

Surveillance camera technology ranges in price and sophistication, allowing for home use as well as business security. Keep watch over your front porch and front door with an inexpensive, weather-resistant, live-broadcast camera. Keep vigil over nurseries and play areas with a discreet and affordable nanny cam. Or invest in an inexpensive multiple surveillance camera system, great for homes and businesses alike. For those seeking more sophistication, live full-motion systems with zoom, pan and internet control are available, offering top-notch security for your home or business.

Both business and home security surveillance are available in live-broadcast or recorded footage options. Live broadcast systems are great for children's play areas, nurseries, sick rooms and front door security. Recorded footage systems are often used over cash registers, stock rooms, parking areas and entrances and exits. Footage can be easily viewed by specific time and date for a clear, close look at suspicious activity. Recorded footage allows for easy apprehension and prosecution of suspects or termination of less-than-honest employees.

Security surveillance can be viewed from any television, VCR or computer. Digital capabilities allow for clearer images, as well as improved editing and more targeted viewing. Color cameras allow for easy identification of suspects, while black and white cameras record better in low-light areas. Audio capabilities are also available for more complete surveillance.




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