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The word holiday has many connotations; one being a holy day and the other which is quite common and well accepted is the time, which one spends away from the home for the sake of refreshing and revitalizing the spirits. The holidays are spent from recreational purposes. People who are just too busy with their hectic and monotonous life need frequent holidays so as to energize themselves. Pubic holidays act like a bonus for business officials. Holidays are not just cherished by kids but also by the business professional, as they even need break from their daily schedule. The daily routine makes the persons life monotonous, so a holiday serves like a break in their dull life.

There are many tourist places in United States, such as Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, Fisherman's Wharf, Las Vegas Strip, Universal Studios Hollywood, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which attract a large number of people for a vacation or for simply enjoying a public holiday. A public holiday is a day when it is a declared off for private and public companies, self-employed people and all the government or semi-government organizations. There are eleven public holidays observed by both the state and the local government. The list includes New Year's Day, Veterans Day, Christmas, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Most of the public holidays are observed on Monday, which is closest to the date, so as to avoid any inconvenience to the officials, and people can even have a two day off and can plan a holiday at some exotic location. Moreover, the public holiday is like a blessing for those people who remain busy in their hectic schedule and do not get time to attend their families. On a holiday, they can spend the time with their kin and kith and can make the worth out of the day.

Europe is even an ideal place for a holiday. The places of tourists interest in Europe include Disneyland, Eiffel tower, Louvre - Place de la Concorde which attracts people on all the holidays. People love going on a holiday to this place that refreshes an individual and stimulates their spirit.

South America is even a favorite for the people who want to be close to nature and cherish every moment in the lap of the nature and be comforted by it. The Cayes, Blue Creek are some of the major tourist places, which attract most of the people visiting South America.




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