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Watch out! You’re being Watched

A place of work is as abuzz with activity as it is crowded with people who are employed there as well as those who are there for business or purpose. In every office there is bound to be some set of statistics that is classified and leaking out of which could be detrimental to the business.

Besides, there also businesses that deal in cash and millions exchange hands in a day’s work, in the case of a bank. Still other offices see valuable objects scattered around being samples for illustration or for reference. All this gives rise to the need for a sound security system that ensures that no plugs are pulled out, no property is lost, not a greenback is pilfered and not a threat is lurking.

The use of spy cameras in places of work dates back, when time of hand-held cameras came into being. For ages, organizations in the modern and developed countries have utilized the potential of a camera to document all the activities in a place of work and to exactly pinpoint the culprit in case of an untoward incident.

Cameras used in an office security system is set up discreetly at a vantage point from where it could record the entry and exit of outsiders and every move made by the staff. While it could be a vigil on suspicious elements, it also helps monitor the inefficient from among the workforce who would waste time chatting around or attempt to damage or steal office property.

Footage recorded by cameras of the office security system has a number of times helped guardians of law solve cases or vindicate in a court of law the guilty. The utility of cameras in the office security systems has made it an indispensable feature. They give more teeth to enforcement of safekeeping regulations and help in the smooth function of the organization preventing the time that is lost by interruptions that are caused by breach of security. Camera is as important to office security as a system that marks the attendance and time-in and time-out of the members of the staff.




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