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Remember Walt Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ the Arabian Nights adventure and the song ‘It’s a wonderful world’ as the genie carries his master for a world trip on the magic carpet? Well, the magic carpet of the present-day world is electronics and Aladdin is you!

The scope of electronics defies imagination. There are innumerable wonders that could make life so much more worth living as you delve into the treasure-trove that is waiting to be discovered. You have televisions with LCD screens that make you feel the picture is playing from right inside your cornea and there are refrigerators that remind you when it’s time to go shopping for grocery.

The indomitable human spirit to strive, achieve before finding new challenges to achieve and setting new tasks has led to a prolific growth, among other things, of electronics and its plethora of wonderful possibilities.

Electronics opens for you doorway to a world of appliances to make life easier by taking away the toil and sweat of everyday chores. An executive blesses his stars for having at his fingertip tools that on one hand reminds him about his appointments, tasks, and commitments of the day and on the other hand, organize his schedule, bring a spark to his business presentations, enhance his efficiency and overall improve his performance. Cell phones loaded with amazing features and laptop computers performing the most impossible functions surpass all that one could achieve so far through digital diaries and superpower calculators.

For a housewife, the going was never so easy. There are super smooth blenders to save her the toil of stirring her elbows off to get the right consistency of the mayonnaise and fully automatic washing machines that even sense what temperature of water is right for what kind of clothing saving the labour from a chore that would make her arms shed.

Better thinking, better performing and better living are the results of revolution in electronic technology that inspires us always to give our best by saving our energy for the best pursuits. Every technological breakthrough in electronics opens a new frontier of quality in terms of output and achievement.

The purpose of advanced electronic technology is basically trouble shooting. It also enables a vast range of business solutions from e-payment to web conferencing by providing reliable electronics equipment. An edge in the marketplace, organizations employ all kinds of technology.

It is of vital importance for any business to communicate efficiently. Programmes for speech recognition enable the members of a business house to compose documents and control their computers without operating them manually, by the mere use of their voice. This facilitates security of data and classified information stored in computers.

In most big business houses, when a person calls, he is seldom greeted by a person on the front desk and it is an automated voice recording system that answers the calls and gives out a set of instructions on how to get the needful done by pressing buttons of the phone one is calling from.

But with technological advancement, even the effort of pressing buttons has been done away with and now one could just speak certain words and have the purpose of calling served. Basically an automated phone system, speech recognition program is used in homes also, but has wider application in business, allowing users to dictate matter to their computer or make it open files and accessing menus through vocal instructions.

Among the business devices in the electronic world is the Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP), or IP faxing which helps in sending a facsimile from a computer. Unlike in the past, when IP faxing was accompanied by beeps indicating connection and confirmation of successful transmission, the new range of FoIP systems give the benefits of low-cost Internet connection through a series of steps used to transmit data. It helps transmit the fax information as ‘IP packets’ via the Internet instead of phone lines.

Even without owning a fax machine and the infrastructure it requires, one could avail of the fax facility through companies which include Internet-based virtual faxing services. The companies providing the service assign fax numbers to customers enabling them to receive fax messages from the conventional fax machines.



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