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Electronic Surveillance Equipment

A whole range of electronic surveillance equipment is available for different security requirements -

Great Control and Ease of Use

A smart camera, or a couple of them plugged into a DVR, is all that it takes to increase observational control over the premises and get live pictures streaming into your desktop. You can also record the feeds and view them snap by snap later.

Electronic Surveillance Equipment: Digital Images

The digital video recording technology can be coupled with computers and the Internet, or employed standalone. The older VCR-based systems gave poor picture quality. The new surveillance technology is based on digital formats which translates into clear images that can be viewed as separate pictures in popular image formats like JPG. This makes identification of faces much easier, and provides editing capabilities as well.

Multi-Camera Systems Catch Every Nook and Corner

A triple-camera surveillance system creates a security zone that can cover three different, wide areas in the premises. Motion-activated sensors turn on the cameras which track and follow moving objects from one zone to another.

Night Vision and Motion Sensors

The greatest use of surveillance and security equipment lies in monitoring at night, when you could be feeling tired and sleepy. The smart surveillance equipment that you bought a couple of days ago could be waiting to sense movements outside your door, and turn on the recording! A night vision camera can show you clear outlines and faces which can help in future identifications. These and many other advantages come with using electronic surveillance equipment.


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