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Electronic Surveillance Technology

There is good news, at last! Electronic Surveillance Technology has literally caught up with the menace of intruders, unauthorized access, and petty criminals. Homes, stores, country houses, public property, and other business premises can now be brought under constant digital surveillance using digital smart cameras and digital video recorders (DVR.) Remote surveillance is now as easy as clicking the mouse using the new wireless surveillance systems.

Why should anyone use new electronic surveillance technology?

A rapidly changing world has brought with it more disturbances in the form of hate crime and aggression. Guns were always easily accessible. Add to this the common burglaries and thefts, or just plain trespassing that triggers suspicion and alarms the neighbors. Surveillance and monitoring cameras can bring all this to visual record clear images of the on goings outside your view or in your absence. Using the new electronic surveillance technology can help you protect yourself and others by issuing counter signals that keep troublemakers at bay.

What can be done with new surveillance technology?

Identify who is at the front door.

Keep a constant vigil on your baby, from anywhere.

Electronic vigil of your house in your absence.

Maintain top level security at the shop/store.

Keep a vigil on the surroundings near your house.

Easily identify intruders, trespassers, and petty criminals.

Keep a watch on your premises on the Internet when away.

Take recordings only with movements, or at specific times.

Watch recorded clips by selecting date and specific timings.

Get an automatic phone call or alert whenever intrusion takes place!

And much more

Is it difficult to install these surveillance products?

Not at all. Putting a camera in place is as easy as fitting a light bulb. All you need to do is plug in the cords and start watching live broadcasts on your television, or your PC equipped with the right software.

What about the legalities of using such devices?

Please consult your legal professional on this issue. Written signs are normally used to inform visitors of surveillance devices being installed or used in the premises.


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