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Microsoft denies Vista networking is bad
Refuses to face the music
August 20, 2007
By Nick Farrell:

SOFTWARE FURRY CREATURE Microsoft is denying that Vista users are suffering if they try to run networks and play music at the same time. According to ZD Net, Volish spinners claimed that many of the problems that users are experiencing are "expected behaviour". The bit which is not expected by Volish designers is going to be "fixed" by the release of some technical paperwork.

Spinners say that the drop in in networking performance is 'slight', even though some people are reporting a 90 per cent drop in efficiency.

They claim that this only affects reception of data, and that this performance trade-off is necessary to simply play an MP3.

Vole thinks that the problem is caused because Vista normally gives media playback and networking drivers high priority. But since the network driver can cause media playback to degrade, Vista trades off network performance when the music is playing.

Vole seems to think that most of the time punters will not notice, but those on Gigabit based networks, are seeing a much greater decrease than is expected.

The Volish spinners say that it is not an internet connection that suffers from the problem, only local area connections.




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