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Listen to music with Trust Wireless Bluetooth

It is now possible to enjoy MP3s played on a PC or a laptop anywhere in the house without the need for wires with the new wireless audio system from Trust!

With the Trust Wireless Bluetooth PC Audio System BT-9300(, a PC or a laptop is instantly wirelessly connected to a hi-fi system or PC speaker set anywhere in the house. Thanks to this compact, advanced system, it is possible to listen to your MP3 collection in the living room whilst it is played on a PC that is located in a bedroom upstairs.

For optimal user-friendliness, it is possible to operate the media player functions via the remote control. Changing the volume, selecting a different track or pausing are all possible from your chair without having to walk to the PC or laptop.

The system uses powerful Bluetooth Class 1 technology, so that the system has a maximum range of 100 metres. There are 5 useful buttons on the receiver to operate the media player's most important functions in Windows just like with the remote control.

The Trust Wireless Bluetooth PC Audio System, which is compatible with all the popular media players, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player, WinAmp and Musicmatch, is extremely easy to use.

Furthermore, no extra drivers or applications have to be installed. By simply connecting the USB receiver to the PC or laptop, this handy "Plug&GO" system is ready for use.

The BT-9300 will be available from the end of July with a recommended retail price, excluding VAT, of � 67.19.





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