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New surveillance technology helps catch crook faster

Largo, Florida - Pinellas County Sheriff's detectives review near crystal clear surveillance video from a recent convenience store grand theft.

The video shows a 5 foot 4 inch woman with frizzy brown curly hair graying near the temples. She's wearing leopard print sleeveless blouse, carrying a shoulder bag and is clearly seen picking up and stealing an envelope filled with cash.

Less than 24 hours after detectives released the video to the media they received numerous tips about the woman. She was identified as 44-year-old Jennifer Williams of Largo. Pinellas detectives arrested Williams and charged her with grand theft.

The video is evidence that may not have been captured as clearly just a few years ago. Advances in technology now allow store owners, bankers, and police to clearly review events that happened hours, days, or even months earlier.

Tim Rose, sales manager for Cam Connections, a local video surveillance company says the biggest advances have come in picture resolution and data storage.

�We used to have 16 camera hooked up to a VCR and each camera would roll for two seconds,� Rose recalls. He says today most video is stored on computer hard drives which save video for months and can recall a specific time and date with a few clicks of a mouse.

�We can capture a lot of information and keep it for a long time, and that makes a big difference,� Rose says.

Even homeowners are taking advantage of the technology which is also now more affordable. Experts say those who go on vacation can even monitor video from inside their house remotely on a laptop.

Beau Zimmer, Tampa Bay's 10 News




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