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Video Surveillance Camera Based on TIs Digital Media Processing Solution, Wins Best CCTV Product Award Wireless

Texas Instruments announced that Cieffe, a designer of integrated security systems and a TI customer, won an IFSEC Security Industry Innovation Award, organized by CMP Information and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), for the second time in a row.

Cieffe's Nettuno Mega PX, driven by TI's TMS320DM642 digital media processor, was awarded "Overall Best CCTV Product of 2007" and "Best of the Best" amongst more than 1000 contenders at the IFSEC 2007 Security Industry Innovation Awards.

"Year on year, the innovation and expertise of our industry never fails to amaze," said David Dickinson, BSIA Chief Executive. "I congratulate all the winners of this year's IFSEC Security Industry Innovation Awards, who are a testament to the sheer talent of the private security industry."

The Nettuno MegaPX is one of the first high-resolution IP cameras in the world with a two megapixel (MP) sensor that can elaborate images using MPEG4 compression, 20 times more efficiently than traditional JPEG compression. The camera is based on TI's DM642 digital media processor, a scalable, programmable digital signal processor that includes accelerators and peripherals optimized for a broad spectrum of digital video end equipments.

"We chose the DM642 processor running at 720MHz for its great computational power and special features for video management, audio and Ethernet," said Fabrizio Colciago, CEO of Cieffe. "The DM642 processor is very much the core of our product and allowed us to integrate advanced video analytics, networking and data streaming, as well as MPEG4 compression. In addition, the availability of TI's portfolio of robust, high-performance analog products optimized for video surveillance made it much simpler and quicker for us to develop the product."

"We are delighted that our technology has once again allowed a customer to achieve such success in their industry," said Cyril Clocher, business development manager for digital media DSP platforms, TI Europe. "TI is committed to providing designers and manufacturers with leading, innovative technology that lets them go beyond the existing boundaries of end equipments. This is a great example of what our digital media processing technology can do for customers and we're proud of Cieffe's achievement."

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