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Wireless Digital Music & Media Anywhere!

Entertainment Anywhere! Wireless PC Media Control System with Boom 2000 Software

Order Now & Save $49.99!

  • Combine the power of your PC with your home entertainment center!

  • Control your PC's digital media players from the living room with the Anywhere Remote.

  • Wireless setup is quick & easy!

Entertainment Anywhere takes your favorite CDs, DVDs, and MP3s into any room of your house. Now you can broadcast DVD movies, video clips, home movies and more from your computer's digital media players to ANY TV up to 100' away - even through walls! No longer be chained to your PC's monitor to watch DVDs or listen to MP3s!
Included: List
Wireless Video Sender $79.99
Anywhere Remote with PC Receiver $39.99
BOOM 2000 Software (download) FREE!
RCA/Stereo Cable FREE!
FREE FedEx Shipping FREE!
Sold Separately: $119.98
NOW ONLY: $69.99
You Save: $49.99 (42%)

Security Camera: 30-day Risk Free Guarantee!
Security Camera: Free Shipping for Orders over $49.99!

X10's Technology Breakthrough!!

Stuck At Your Desk?
Not anymore! Entertainment Anywhere
is a true technology breakthrough. Why be limited to watching DVD (or streaming video) movies on your PC screen or listen to MP3 music files through your PC's speakers? Everything you'll need to broadcast music and video from your computer is included in this complete wireless entertainment kit, and it sets up in just minutes! Included is the amazing BOOM 2000 software which relays commands from the included Anywhere Remote to your computer's DVD, CD or MP3 player! The Anywhere Remote is also a universal remote, giving you control over your home stereo system, TV and VCR. It also works as an X10 remote to control lights and appliances!

With your X10 MP3 Anywhere System, get ready to:
  • Wirelessly view DVDs, MP3s and more from your desktop to your stereo!
  • Save Money! Instead of buying a separate DVD player for each TV in your home, use your PC's DVD player to view your movie on any TV!
  • Remotely control your PC's MP3, DVD or CD Players!
  • Control lights and appliances with X10 Modules. (Requires lamp/appliance module and transceiver module.)

ONLY $69.99!!

Here's What You Can Do . . .

Watch DVDs!
Watch your PC's DVD movies from your home theater, bedroom, family room, game room, etc! Now you can enjoy DVD on the big screen!

Listen to CDs!
Use your PC to broadcast your CD music to another room without buying another CD player or running cables all over the house!

Play MP3 Music!
Rip your favorite CD tracks to MP3. Then, using the included BOOM software and Remote control, use your PC's MP3 player to listen to your favorite tracks anywhere in your home.

Have a DSS Dish and two TVs? With DVD Anywhere, you can send the DSS audio and video to your other TV without wires!

Watch Broadband Video!
Have a fast internet connection? Now you can download streaming movies and watch them on your TV in real time! This is "true" video on demand!

Control Your Lights & Appliances by Remote!
Control your home lights and appliances all from the comforts of your couch or bed with the included remote! Home automation features require a Lamp or Appliance Module and Transceiver Module.

*Prices are posted in $US dollars ONLY! Offer for FREE FEDEX Ground shipping for orders $49.99 or more are valid ONLY in the United States of America. Note: Some orders may be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Orders to Canada have a $10 Shipping & Handling Charge and will have a 7% goods & services tax (GST #10575 8056 RT0001) added to the order. Prices may change without notice. X10 accepts only credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), for both online and telephone orders. X10 reserves the right to discontinue the posted promotional offers at any time. Technical support is available only to customers in the US and Canada.