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X10 Home Automation Accessories
Lamp Module (Dimmable) More Info
Socket Rocket Screw-in Lamp Module More Info
Lamp Module (Screw-in, Dimmable) More Info
Lamp Module (2-way) More Info
Appliance Module (3-pin, Grounded) More Info
Appliance Module (2-pin, Polarized) More Info
2-way Appliance Module (2-pin, Polarized) More Info
Heavy Duty Module (15 Amp) More Info
Heavy Duty Module (20 Amp) More Info
PalmPad Hand Held Remote Control More Info
SlimFire Keychain Remote More Info
4-channel Keychain Controller More Info
Platinum 5-in-1 Universal Remote Control More Info
Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote More Info
Mini Controller Console (4 button) More Info
Mini-timer with & Home Automation Console More Info
Maxi Controller Console More Info
Sundowner Console More Info
Touch Tone Controller Console More Info
Outdoor Motion Detector More Info
EagleEye Motion Sensor More Info
ActiveEye Motion Sensor More Info
Outdoor Motion Monitor with Floodlight More Info
X10 Controllable Wall Outlet More Info
Wall Switch Module More Info
Decorator Dimmer Switch More Info
Decorator Companion Switch More Info
Wall Switch Module (3-way) More Info
Slimline Wireless Wall Switch (White) More Info
Slimline Wireless Wall Switch (Gold) More Info
Thermostat Set-Back Controller More Info
Universal Module More Info
Remote Chime More Info
X10 RF Repeater/Extender More Info
2-Way Powerline Interface More Info
Powerline Interface More Info
Macro Recorder Software (For Firecracker)
Run an unlimited number of commands with the push of a button
More Info
Fuse Timer Software (For Firecracker)
Program and schedule commands for your lights and appliance
More Info


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