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X10 Home Automation Systems
ActiveHome Professional Home Automation Starter Kit with USB Computer Interface and Software
Control lights and appliances with your PC, by remote and more
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ActiveHome Professional 9-Piece Home Automation Starter Kit with Lamp Module, EagleEye Motion Sensor, Appliance Module and Palm Pad Remote, Keychain Remote, Slimline Switch and Socket Rocket
Everything you need to start your own home automation system
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Smart Macro Software Module for Active Home with two Eagle
The conditional macro plug-in for ActiveHome
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FireCracker Lighting Control 4 Piece Kit
Control your lights and appliances directly from your PC or wireless remote -- anywhere in your house!
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Touch Tone Controller 5pc Kit
Use your phone to control your entire home from anywhere
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SuperRemote Lighting Control Kit
Control lights in your home by remote control
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PalmPad Remote Control System
Brighten and dim lights with the touch of a button
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Keychain Remote Control System
Turn on lights in your home from the safety of your car
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X10 Powerline Transceiver Module
Allows remote control of all X1 devices
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ActiveHome Pro

ActiveHome Pro 9-PC Starter Kit


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