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Motion Activated Floodcam

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Whether at home or away, be more aware of what's happening around your home! This Motion-Activated Camera & Dual Floodlight is a single, easy-to-use unit that combines the best of surveillance and automation technology. The FloodCam™ can instantly shine lights on any intruder and capture all of the action on a TV, VCR or PC.

  • Motion-activated floodlights & wireless COLOR video camera!
  • Instant LIVE video feed to your TV or VCR!
  • Uses "Instant-ON" technology!
  • Easy to Install!
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Everything You Need is Included List Price
Floodcam $79.99
Wireless Video Receiver $39.99
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Sold Separately: $119.98
NOW ONLY: $79.99
You Save: $39.99 (33%)

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Gotcha! See & Record Everything!

Built-in Motion Sensor!

The amazing FloodCam is a weather-resistant wireless video camera with built-in 2.4GHz transmitter and motion sensor and attached dual floodlight casing. The FloodCam is activated by the integrated motion sensor so that when someone approaches your home, the floodlights (bulbs not included) come on, turning night into day and the camera catches the startled intruder on video! The camera transmits its picture via a built-in 2.4 GHz transmitter, to a Video Receiver (not included) which you connect to a TV anywhere in your home. The FloodCam sends the wireless signals even through walls, up to 100 feet so you can watch and record all the action!

Smart "Built-in" Wireless Motion Sensor
The video camera always turns on when motion is detected and the floodlights always turn on when it is dark and motion is detected. (An X10 Transceiver is NOT necessary for this but required for multi-camera applications.)

Multi-Camera SetUp
In a multi-camera setup, the motion sensor sends wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals to an X10 Transceiver (or VCR Commander II.) The Transceiver receives the signals from the Motion Sensor and passes them onto your house wiring. These signals send the information back out to turn off the other cameras or to sound a chime, illuminate hallway lights, etc.

Easy to Use & Integrate into Your Existing Camera System
This is a very simple system to install - just a few connections and you're up and running (assuming you will use the FloodCam to replace an existing outdoor light fixture). If there's not an existing fixture, you will need to install a wall box and run conduit to it. If you need help installing a wall box and running conduit please contact a local X10 professional installer.

You Control Everything
Underneath the FloodCam unit (shown at left) is a hidden control panel that allows you to easily configure all the settings. Set the Channel to the same channel as your Video Receiver (not included).

The FLOODLIGHT CONTROL function allows you to detect motion at all times (LIGHT) or only when it gets dark (DARK). Using the TIME DELAY dial, you can adjust how long the camera waits to turn off after motion has stopped. The CAMERA MODE switch lets you set how the camera responds to motion and X10 controllers. Using the two dials at the bottom, set the camera's unit code and house code (example A-4). Keep your cameras in groups of four for better scanning control.

Additional Features & Specifications:

  • 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • Camera uses "Instant-ON" technology. No warm-up time when turning on or switching between cameras. You get instant LIVE crisp video! (X10's top of the line camera technology)
  • Easily integrates into your multi-camera system. Acts just like an XCam2 Camera!
  • Weather-resistant casing. Great for outdoors. (Operating Temp.: 32 to 131F)
  • Field of View: 60 degrees
  • Resolution: 310 TV Lines
  • Auto Shutter: 1/60 to 1/15,000 sec. Note: Your TV can only view 30 frames per second.
  • Motion Sensor Range: 20 feet.
  • Max wattage: 150W per lamp holder.
  • Requires 120VAC

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $79.99!

Get all this for only $79.99!

XRay Visioin Software - Surveillance!

Motion Activated FloodCam - Normally $79.99! Included In Kit!
An XCam2 wireless camera combined with motion-activated floodlights! Instantly and automatically shine powerful floodlights whenever motion is detected, and catch it all on-camera! Outdoor motion-activated lights deter theft and vandalism - and always give you a lit path to the door. The FloodCam is an easy to addition to an existing surveillance setup or a great way to start! Broadcast directly to your TV or VCR (requires a video receiver).

*Light bulbs not included.

Video Only Receiver - Buy Now!
Wireless Video Receiver - Normally $39.99! Included In Kit!
This magnetic contact closure works with any X10 Wireless Home Security System. When a door or window is opened, interrupting of the magnetic-contact closure, the Door/Window Sensor will signal the Protector Plus Voice Dialer System wirelessly, alerting your system of the intrusion. Each sensor is self-checking to ensure professional reliability.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $79.99!

Make Your X10 Camera Smarter!
Save over $379 - Only $149.99

ActiveHome Pro

Easy Set Up! Easy to Use!

Give your X10 camera a brain. Imagine as a visitor approaches your home, motion sensors signal your robotically controlled camera tracking their every move. As they approach your front door, a 2nd camera is activated as digital snapshots or video are recorded on your computer. All this happens without you lifting a finger. Amazing!

It's all possible with the NEW ActiveHome Pro and iWatchOut camera monitoring system with an XCam2 Wireless Video Camera. With it, you get the phenomenal power of ActiveHome Pro to control your home's lights and applicances as well as the ability to monitor, control, record and automate your X10 cameras. It's loads of fun and getting started is quick and easy! The best of both home surveillance and home automation! Order Today and you'll get a FREE Ninja Robotic camera mount, giving you the power of 4 cameras in one! Simply position the XCam2 with iWatchOut or by remote control and SEE EVERYTHING - 240º horizontally and 130º vertically.

  • Cameras automatically track movement using motion sensors
  • Schedule cameras, lights, and appliances throughout your home
  • View live video of one or more X10 cameras from your PC
  • Digitally record video, stills and snapshots
  • Timers, macros and wizards make setup quick and easy
  • Time lapse recording - watch 8 hours of snaphots in 8 minutes
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras to see and record everything

Everything You Need is Included: List Price
XCam2 Video Camera $69.99
Video Receiver $39.99
ActiveHome Pro USB computer interface and software $99.99
iWatchOut software and USB video capture adapter $139.98
FREE Ninja pan and tilt camera mount with remote control $149.98
FREE ActiveEye Motion Sensor $29.99
FREE FedEx Shipping Always Free!
Sold Separately: $529.92
NOW ONLY: $149.99
You Save: $379.93 (72%)

Complete Camera Control At The Tip of Your Finger!

Now, with just a click of your mouse, you can have complete control of every X10 camera in your home surveillance network. Peek in on your napping child without making a sound. Then, switch to your backyard view and make sure the hired help doesn't mow down your freshly planted roses. With iWatchOut you'll be able to switch camera views with ease or jump to autopilot and scan them all.

Gget a FREE motorized Ninja Robotic Pan & Tilt camera base to make iWatchOut and the XCam2 even more POWERFUL by putting you in control and giving you 4X the viewing area! You'll get amazingly vivid images, smooth, fluid movement and barely a sound. Plus, you'll have complete control of the camera position from iWatchOut or with the ScanPad remote control. All it takes is one click to move your camera to one of 4 preset positions or automatically sweep thru all of them. Watch your driveway, street, front lawn, and front door area ALL with one camera!

With iWatchOut, home video surveillance becomes more practical, convenient and fun than ever before. You can set everything up quickly and easily and then let everything run on autopilot. Use it everyday or only when you need.

  • Solve life's little mysteries like who ate your piece of chocolate cake or why things keep disappearing from your desk.
  • Find out who was really playing with the toy first.
  • See who stopped by while you were gone and know what time they came by.
  • Keep your kids honest and know exactly when they got home and who they were with.
  • Check to see if the newspaper or mail has arrived without leaving your seat.
  • Watch the funny things your kids do when you're not around.
  • Find out if the package you were expecting has arrived.
  • Check on a sleeping baby without making a sound.

Take advantage of this introductory offer today and save $379.93! You'll get everything you need to make you camera smarter for only $149.99! And, we'll even include a FREE Ninja Robotic Mount for you camera and a FREE motion sensor to activate digital recording.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon!

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