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See Up to 1/2 Mile Away!
X10 Vanguard Professional-Grade Surveillance Camera

Vanguard: The Ultimate Pro Home Surveillance System

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Combine PC & Internet power with the power of 2 Vanguard 44X Zoom Cameras together and you've got a powerful remote home surveillance system! View LIVE COLOR video from your Vanguard camera anywhere in the world with the X10 Internet Control Center Software! & get that total control of the pan and tilt feature and you've got a complete remote home surveillance system at your command. All it takes is just one click to log into your SECURE Vanguard Camera Network!

  • Get up close and personal. See up to a half-mile away.
  • Follow all the action with precision pan & tilt.
  • Get a crystal-clear picture with professional-grade optics and automatic image control.

Everything You Need is Included List Price
Vanguard Pan & Tilt Zoom Cameras (2) $1,599.98
Vanguard Control Center Software $149.99
Video Receiver w/ no audio (2) $79.98
XRay Vision USB Converter $69.99
EagleEye Motion Detector (2) $49.98
Wireless PC Transceiver $49.99
100' RCA Video Only Cable (2) $39.98
FREE FedEx Shipping Always free!
Sold Separately: $2,039.89
NOW ONLY: $1,099.97
You Save: $939.92 (46%)

The Ultimate Surveillance Solution

When you're looking for complete video surveillance coverage of your entire home or business, the ability to ZOOM into any scene, and remote access to LIVE Video from anywhere in the world, the Vanguard Surveillance System is your answer. Here are some of Vanguard's other amazing features.
  • Powerful 44X Zoom: Read a license plate on the car across the street. See the expression of a childs face from the other side of the house.

  • Precision Pan & Tilt: Take charge of Vanguard's every move. Scan an entire room from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. With a remote in hand from up to 100 feet away, nothing will escape your watchful eye.

  • Wireless Video: Setup couldn't be easier. There's no need to run messy wires when you can transmit video up to 100 feet to any TV or VCR in your home or business.

  • Pro-grade Optics & High-Res CCD: See the color of their eyes, the grain of the wood and the smudge on the window. Every image will have brilliant color, clarity and detail.

  • Automatic Iris & Focus: Continuously adjusts to give you a clear and bright picture in the widest range of lighting conditions.

And that's not all!
Once you get started with X10 home surveillance, you'll discover all sorts of fun and exciting things to do that can do.

  • Automatically record camera video to your PC while you're away with iWitness
  • Watch you home from work with Internet Control Center software
  • Add other X10 cameras to see more places inside and outside your home
  • Put your home's lights and appliances on a schedule with ActiveHome Pro
  • Get a home alarm system that calls you at the first sign of trouble with Protector Plus

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $1099.97!

Virtual Teleportation Device - Be Anywhere!

Zoom in Close from over 30 ft Away!
With Vanguard's powerful 44X Zoom, you won't just see what's going on around your home or business. You'll feel like a part of the action. You could place a Vanguard camera at one end of your house and then Zoom in for a close-up view of the action at the opposite end - over 30 feet away! And that's not all. You could Zoom Vanguard right through the window to see what's going on across the street!

  • Check out the van parked down the road. Now Zoom to read the license plate.

  • Watch your children play in the yard. Zoom and see the look on their face.

  • See that box left at your front door. Now Zoom to find out who it's from.

  • What kind of a bird is that at your feeder? Zoom in to see it's a Blue Jay.

30-Day Risk Free Guarantee
Take advantage of our Risk-Free trial and put Vanguard's 44X Zoom to the test in your own home. We guarantee you will be completely amazed and delighted.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $1099.97!

Experience the Thrill of Home Surveillance!

Fee the Excitement of Home Surveillance
You'll feel a rush of adrenalin every time you grab hold of Vanguard's sleek remote and take command. With ease, you'll guide Vanguard over a wide 230 panoramic view and zero in on anything between 110 from floor to ceiling.

  • Control Sweeping Panoramic Views with Ultra Quiet Movement
  • Pan 180 Left to Right (230 total field of view)
  • Tilt 70 Up and Down (110 total field of view)
  • Pan & Tilt Speed Adjusts With Zoom Level For Easy Tracking

What You Want to See is Just a Click Away
Vanguard will even remember up to nine camera positions so you can easily jump to precise locations at the touch of a button. If you have more than one Vanguard or other X10 cameras, the remote can switch between them. And since the remote operates on RF, you can control Vanguard from another room or another floor, up to 100 feet away!

  • Precise Pan, Tilt and Zoom Control
  • One-Touch Select Between 4 Cameras
  • Easily Sweep Through 9 Stored Camera Positions
  • Works Through Floors, Walls or Windows - up to 100 feet away!

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $1099.97!

Wired or Wireless! You Choose!

Quick & Easy Set Up!
Thanks to the built-in 2.4 GHz wireless video transmitter there's no need to run new wires throughout your home. The video can be sent through walls and floors to your TV up to 100 feet away. And because it's wireless, you can monitor and control the camera from additional locations simply by adding another video receiver and remote control. Adding extra locations is easy and affordable.

Wired Option for Closed-Circuit Monitoring
Vanguard can be wired too! If you're looking for a completely secure hard-wired connection to your TV, VCR or other video equipment, we've got you covered. Vanguard includes a standard RCA video port and comes with a 100ft RCA cable so you'll have everything you need.

X10 Wireless Cameras Work Together
What makes Wireless really exciting is that allows you to easily and affordably expand your surveillance network with other X10 cameras like the tiny XCam2, the low-light NightWatch or the versatile FloodCam dual floodlight and wireless camera combo.

See Everything That's Important
Just imagine how convenient, useful and fun it would be to see everything that's important to you in and around your home with just a click of a button. You can add any combination of up to 16 wireless cameras and view them all like switching channels on your TV.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $1099.97!

Brilliant Color! Crystal Clear Image! Great Detail!

See Everything That's Important
The picture you get from a Vanguard camera is not just good, it's fantastic! Thanks to pro-quality optics and a high-resolution 1/4" CCD image sensor, you'll be guaranteed a crystal clear picture with brilliant color. And, as you Pan, Tilt and Zoom your Vanguard, the smart automatic Focus and Iris actively adjust everything so you see with all the brilliance and fine detail possible.

Of course, since Vanguard is a professional grade camera we made sure the pros could tweak all the settings manually. The remote includes buttons for manual focus and iris adjustment and a host of other camera settings can be controlled using the onscreen menus.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $1099.97!

Live Remote Viewing! Control 44X Zoom from Internet!

View LIVE Video from Anywhere in the World!
No matter where you are, you can now View LIVE Video from your Vanguard camera anywhere in the world! With the included Internet Control Center Software, you'll get complete control of Vanguard's Pan, Tilt and powerful 44X Zoom from the web.

The Internet Control Center Software kit connects Vanguard to your PC as well as every other wireless X10 camera in your network. From there, you'll be able to see live video from any camera, control Vanguard's Pan/Tilt/Zoom, record video or stills and much more.

When you're away, you'll be able to log in to your SECURE Vanguard Camera Network from the web to see and control everything as if you were right there.

  • View LIVE, Full-Motion Video from your Vanguard camera network
  • Control Vanguard's position with presets, pan/tilt/zoom controls or just a click of your mouse
  • See & Control multiple cameras
  • Set Motion Detection to start recording and send E-Mail alerts
  • Digitally record video, stills, and motion/alarm events to create a complete history of camera activity

Of course, since Vanguard is a professional grade camera we made sure the pros could tweak all the settings manually. The remote includes buttons for manual focus and iris adjustment and a host of other camera settings can be controlled using the onscreen menus.

Try It Risk Free! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee your total satisfaction. Try Vanguard in your own home at NO-RISK and if you don't absolutely love it, just return it for a full-refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $1099.97!

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